With an entrepreneurial spirit, Mark and Cheri Patterson founded MAC Salon & Spa in 2000. They now live in the beauty world as MAX Salon & Spa. This business is certainly a personal growth and creative project for the two of them. Mark and Cheri are grateful for each team member who has partnered with them through the years. The Pattersons appreciate their loyalty and commitment.

Mark is on-site full-time. His many years of experience have given him a great eye for beauty. He has the expertise to give you the perfect cut and color to fit your face shape, hair and lifestyle. Plus, he is a really nice guy. Cheri works outside of the salon environment and works on behind the scenes projects. They have one location in which they invest absolutely everything. You should never have a day where you don’t feel great and look beautiful because MAX professionals can fix that!

Their goal was, and remains to create a friendly environment where the staff would flourish and the guests would receive MAXimum experiences.

The MAX Pros are known for their friendliness, creativity and excellent technical skills. You are invited to become another satisfied customer who has made the MAX connection.

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